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The six foot treated arched fence above last 20 years.


Cedar pickets last. Cedar post don't. Use treated posts with your cedar fence, then stain, unless you want to replace post in 12 years.  


This is how professionals install a fence on a hill.


The above is a standard 6 foot privacy fence in Fenton.




The Split Rail Fence is beautiful. Add some wire to keep pets in.



The white picket fence is a favorite with the ladies.


The arched fence is great on hills and is adjustable in height.



Aluminum fences. There are so many different types of aluminum fences you can find on line for great prices. Home Depot also has a huge selection. If you want to save some money and find the perfect aluminum fence for you, shop. Find what you want in your price range. We will take it from there. We can tell you exactly how many line posts, corner posts, end posts, sections, and gates you need if you want to order and have your fence delivered. We will bring the cement and the man power and install whatever you want. We have found that customers that order their own fence and have us install it save money and always get what they want. Don't let a fence company charge you extra for fence material. The normal mark-up is 20%.
We set all the posts in the holes with no cement. We use crank straps on one side, with bungee cords on the other to hold the fence perfectly in place. We add cement, then come back and remove the straps and hang the gates. Experience is always the key.

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