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I personally built every deck and fence in this website with just two employees. Now after recovering from an injury I am looking for small jobs. Call me on my cell or send me a text. 314-973-6268.

Proud of our work!

Gazebos too!

A perfect deck, starts with a perfect frame. Every year since composite decking has been on the market we have had to replace floors installed by inexperienced deck building companies because of all the dips and waves they leave behind.

Note from the owner: Building the decks is the easy part. Finding the people that need me is the hard part. I've been building decks since way before the web was invented, but then I found myself left in the dust by businesses with websites. More now than ever, I find myself fixing problems left behind by young kids that have only been building decks a few years.  These kids are in a hurry. The boss presses them for speed to save money. Speed comes from not making mistakes and then having to do something twice. I can normally be on your job within three or four weeks from the day you sign up. I think you'll find I'm worth waiting for. I did move to my country home. But I still have good men working for me that have families and they need work. I have lowered my prices to assure they are taken care of. These low prices help you as well as them. That's why the phone number has changed.